Donald van Rooyen

Mr Donald van Rooyen

Since qualifying as a Psychologist and before moving to the UK in 1994 he worked concurrently as a University Lecturer in Psychological Theory, a Consultant to Child Welfare Services, an advisor on a Street Children Programme, and had a Private Practice providing assessments and therapeutic interventions to children, young people, adults and families experiencing a wide range of difficulties.


Since moving to the UK he has accumulated extensive experience working within the NHS, at a Private Hospital and at the Canterbury Psychological Clinic over the subsequent 24 years.


Since 2003, alongside CAMHS, he worked at the Canterbury Psychological Clinic, being involved with assessment and intervention with parents aimed at improving their parenting capacity, to enable children to be returned to their care.


His NHS career involved working for 15 years (1994 to 2009) as one of two CAMHS staff members at a Multi-Agency Service in Kent, where about eighty per cent of the families and young people had Social Services involvement.   

During that time, he established a team consisting of a social worker, the police and youth offending, to work jointly with those young people involved in harmful sexual behaviours.  He also supervised CAMHS staff working in this area.


He had then, with CAMHS colleagues, continued this service as part of the ‘Psychology Resources for Families’ (PR4f) Team which he helped establish from 2009 until 2014.  PR4f as we were known, provided a valuable service as it linked early intervention seamlessly with what was then known as Tier 3 CAMHS. 

From 2014 to 2018 he continued working within the generic CAMHS Team, where besides his general caseload, he had been part of the ASD assessment clinic.


Additionally, throughout his time with CAMHS he has provided supervision to students, trainees, and fellow psychologists as well as related professionals who requested supervision.


Canterbury Psychological Clinic  - Canterbury  -  Kent 

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